About the Project

A number of techniques are presently being utilized to manage tire waste problem including prolonging the useful life of tires or turning used tires into recyclable products and raw materials. However, despite these techniques thousands of tons of tires end up as a landfill which creates a huge environmental effect. The major goal of Trade and Technology Company is to build a Factory which will effectively and economically produce green marketable materials from used tires. The expected outputs of the pyrolysis process are as follows:
1. Pyrolytic oil
2. Metal scrap
3. Gypsum
All of the output materials are used back in the industry. Therefore this Innovative Recycling Process allows a much more rational and economical consumption of the limited resources on the Earth (such as oil and other fossil materials).
The Technology is designed in a way that no pollution to the environment results from operation of the Plant. Furthermore the Technology saves harmful gas emissions being emitted into the atmosphere. Finally, by utilising out-of-use automotive tires, public health risk is reduced since tyre rubber takes a very long time to degrade naturally and causes serious environmental pollution.